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  Linda Collier, CEO Tri-ad & Kieran Ring, CEO GIL

Global Institute of Logistics Announces Appointment of Linda M. Collier (Canada) to its Board of Advisors

The Institute has appointed Triad International Freight Forwarding CEO, Ms. Linda M. Collier to its Board of Advisors at a Press Conference held in Toronto, Canada.


Toronto, Canada, February 9th 2017: The Global Institute of Logistics (GIL) has today announced the appointment of Linda M. Collier to its Board of Advisors.

The Global Board of Advisors provides GIL support with strategic and technical advice, resource mobilization and promotion and outreach. The Board combines the ideas, expertise and resources of leading thinkers and activists from all facets of global logistics all united by a common vision to improve the global supply chain.

The appointment of Linda M. Collier, CEO and Founder of Toronto based Tri-ad International Freight Forwarding Limited to the board, reflects GILs ambition to broaden its subject matter knowledge of the global independent freight forwarding sector.

Tri-ad has been named Canada’s Fastest Growing Company for 3 consecutive years, and founder, Linda Collier, has received many other awards for her extraordinary leadership.

Linda will work closely with the Institute on a number of initiatives, the most prominent of which will be the convening and Chairing of the Institutes first global women leaders in logistics council which is being established to reflect the growing influence of women at C level in global logistics.

Speaking at today’s announcement in Toronto, Kieran Ring CEO and Founder of the Institute said:

I am looking forward to working with Linda and extend to her on behalf of the Institute a very warm welcome to our Board of advisors. I very much welcome Linda’s contribution to the development of GIL and in particular to building up a platform through which women logistics leaders from across the world can find expression.

Speaking at today, Linda Collier President and Founder of Tri-Ad International Freight Forwarding said: (suggested)

“I am delighted to join the Board of Advisors at the Institute. I support GIL’s mission to promote collaboration between all stakeholders in the industry and am confident that I can contribute to this mission by bringing my 30 years’ experience of working in the industry to the table.

I am particularly honored to be invited to champion the role of women in logistics leadership, through my Chairmanship of GIL’s first women leaders in logistics council. I look forward to bringing together the finest female minds in the business to discuss the growing role of women in the sector and to encourage further participation at all levels by women.

I’m privileged to accept these new roles in GIL’s leadership and access best global practices, networks, and innovation for Canada. I’m deeply committed to sharing the benefits of my GIL relationship with my clients, peers, employees and women throughout our industry”

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 Linda Collier President and Founder of Tri-Ad International with Kieran Ring CEO & Founder of the Global Institute of Logistics.

 Notes to editors


 The Global Institute of Logistics (GIL) was established in 2003 under the Chairman of renowned US logistician and author Robert V. Delaney in response to the global logistics industry’s call for “joined up thinking” amongst stakeholders in the global supply chain. GIL looks to resolve the challenges facing the global logistics chain of managing single transport modes, modal systems and targets which are set on stand-alone operations to create a seamless global logistics system.

Acting as a think tank within the sector, GIL brings together thought-leaders as part of a global knowledge network committed to researching and sharing best practices and developing global standards. Today the Institute is a community of organizations and professionals from across the world who share a commitment to collaborating on global logistics solutions.

Our Mission is to network the global logistics community


Tri-ad began doing business in 1988 and has grown into a multi-million-dollar freight forwarding company. Our name means “Three Modes” and represents the three major modes of transportation offered by our company: Land, Sea and Air.

Founded by Linda M. Collier, a former transportation executive with years of experience at a major European freight forwarder. Today, Tri-ad has over 90 employees and has become one of the premier international freight forwarding companies around the world. Because of our many global partners, we can offer a seamless system that integrates the three modes of transportation, giving our clients faster, more secure services.

Tri-ad has been named Canada’s Fastest Growing Company for 3 consecutive years, and founder, Linda Collier, has received many other awards for her extraordinary leadership. We lead the competition with an ever-expanding array of professional services for every major market segment. At Tri-ad, we take full advantage of the most innovative technological breakthroughs for the custom freight forwarding industry.

For Further Information please contact:

Global Institute of Logistics: Siobhan Kelly

Tri-Ad International Freight Forwarding: Bridget Hoffer