Customs & Compliance


Tri-ad processes thousands of customs entries each year. As a Canadian customs broker, we take advantage of local and international expertise to understand the many diverse customs regulations. This equates to fast, efficient clearance for your shipment.

Though managing customs duties is an important component in international shipping, the customs specialists at Tri-ad will handle all procedures. From the country of origin to the country of destination, we arrange for transit and deal with queries to assure a smooth transport and clearance of goods.

Depending on local regulations, the import and/or export of certain merchandise may be restricted or forbidden. Local customs authorities have the power to set their own import/export charges subject to the nature of the shipment.

We provide our customers with accurate, relevant paperwork to ensure that your shipment moves quickly through customs. We work to expedite clearance and deliver your goods quickly and efficiently by validating paperwork for each and every shipment.

Tri-ad offers a wide range of both standard and supplementary customs services that meet the requirements of the ever-changing regulatory environment.

  • Pre-shipment authorization
  • Import/ Export clearance
  • Customs document preparation
  • High value clearance
  • Multi-line entry clearance
  • Handover to broker
  • Bonded transit
  • Customs-related storage
  • Post-clearance modification
  • Advice on tariff quotas & content classification

We can provide specialized, trans-border customs pre-clearance and automated documentation for shipping between the United States and Canada.